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Neon Genesis Evangelion Episode 2 Unfamiliar Ceiling / The Beast

For brevity, I’m using definitive statements (e.g. “that scene is clever”) for my own subjective opinion (seems, to me, to be clever)

Jump cuts are used effectively here, splicing the councilors and TV watchers together.

Colors on the Nerv council’s characters are interesting.

Who is the council chair with Cyclops/Geordi LaForge glasses?

The concept of New Tokyo 3 is very clever. What if folks got smart and built a city *designed* to defend against Kaiju?

Delaying the battle scene to the end of the episode seems brilliant. The earlier references to “the head” initially seem to be covering the damage sustained in Episode 1, but they were actually discussing something else.

The scene with Ikari and Shinji looking at each other during the elevator stop was solid.

Misato says “the heart” when Ritsuko says “the cranial nerves.” There is significant tension between more rational or scientific considerations and emotional or humanistic ones. This also emerges in the discussion around the ethics of using young people as soliders.

Misato tells Shinji to “be a man” which connects to the theme song.

The highly realistic penguin seems a bit out of place.

I found Misato’s and Shinji’s home scenes jarring.

The synchronized eyes of Shinji and Eva-01 are high art.

Although I didn’t catch it the first time through, there is a symmetry to the path the Angel takes in Episode 1 with the path the Eva takes in Episode 2.

The Angel regenerates after being hit by the N2 emp weapon. Its first head is dead and broken, but its second head is awake and pointed. It then breaks Eva 01’s arm.

Eva 01 regenerates its arm when it goes beserk. It breaks the Angel’s arm. When the angel self-destructs, 01 regenerates from the explosion in a manner similar to the Angel. Also, 01’s helmet (or head?) is blown off. Shinji can see the Eva’s eye as it regenerates.

“Fly me to the moon” during the end credits makes me wonder if space battles are in the future.

The title of this second half of the episode is also interesting. Who is the beast? I don’t think it’s the Angel. Is it Eva 01? Is it Shinji? Is it both of them?

Also, I noticed the theme song in greater detail this time.

A young boy becoming a legend, becoming aware of his potential, his wings, looking for a delicate touch.

This seems to be a pretty central theme of the episodes so far.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Episode 1

The pacing seems good so far. This seems like strong work for an introductory episode.

Having an explicit, active, morally ambiguous father figure is an interesting touch.

The designs of the evas and the angels seem fairly similar. I wonder if this is foreshadowing something.

The visual effect with Shinji’s father having multiple screens in his monitors is great way to show where his attention is.